Mobie Sport Academy

Study and develop yourself – anytime, anywhere.

Mobie Sport Academy for athletes and other private individuals

Mobie Sport Academy offers students and adult students the opportunity to acquire high-quality electronic learning and training materials, as well as completing their studies together with today’s more modern learning environments. You will be informed about your own success in real time and at the end of the course with a course certificate as an electronic performance badge as well as a traditional printable certificate.

Individuals pay a small monthly fee for using the learning environment. The service can be deployed for the desired period of time, after which the materials of the courses can be stored in external sources and returned to the system at any time with performance data and notes. This means that you do not have to pay the system usage fee for the time it will not be used.

You can buy individual self-study courses from the Mobie Academy online shop, or alternatively take part in the courses offered by as many course providers as you want. Private video lessons can also be added to the courses if provided by the training provider. All learning and training materials and study performance data are displayed in your own learning portfolio for as long as you like.

Mobie Learning Environment

Mobie Learning Environment is a highly versatile online learning environment developed in Finnish schools and educational institutions.

For Content Producers

Content Production Platform for Educational Materials Producers and Publishers

For Trainers

Mobie Sport Academy for trainers and organizations

For Educators

For educational institutions, schools, teachers and trainers

For Athletes

Mobie Sport Academy for athletes and other private individuals