Mobie Sport Academy

Study and develop yourself – anytime, anywhere.

A Global Production and Distribution Platform for Electronic Learning and Training Materials, as well as a Learning Environment

Mobie Sport Academy is a completely new kind of electronic learning and training material production and distribution platform, a global online shop, and a very versatile learning environment for sport academies, training centers, educational institutions, teachers, trainers and students. It is an excellent service for trainers who train around the world. The use of Mobie Sport Academy is always free to content providers, publishers, and training organizations (sport academies, training centers, schools, colleges, trainers, etc).

Mobie Sport Academy’s learning environment/production platform is based on the Mobie learning environment developed in cooperation with a hundred Finnish schools and close to 2500 teachers, as well as on the further development of the eSmart training/orientation system for businesses and organizations.

For content providers or publishers, Mobie Sport Academy enables the production of learning or training materials on a very modern platform, as well as distribution and sales of materials globally from altogether 14 countries.

A teacher or trainer can set up unlimited number of groups to which she can invite the desired number of students. She can determine which learning or training materials the student should acquire from the online store and see in real time how students work on the courses. The service also includes the possibility of organizing real-time video-lessons. A teacher or trainer can also produce different tasks and course materials.

Students acquire the learning/training materials they want from the online store and at the same time access to the personal learning environment for the duration they want. The service also acts as a student’s personal portfolio. They can obtain individual courses from the online store, or participate in the courses of the various training providers for which the teacher or trainer can create and monitor the student groups they want, as well as provide the students with the necessary personal feedback.

For Content Producers

Content Production Platform for Educational Materials Producers and Publishers

For Trainers

Mobie Sport Academy for trainers and organizations

For Educators

For educational institutions, schools, teachers and trainers

For Athletes

Mobie Sport Academy for athletes and other private individuals